Results from WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #4

WeAIM just published the results of their fourth screen reader user’s preference survey:

The comprehensive report showed users preferences such as devices used, operating system, their primary screen reader, browser, etc. Also shown what kind of mobile platform these users use.  It’s interesting to see that the conclusion remains the same: there is no typical screen reader user.

Specific interesting notes that they mentioned:

  • JAWS is still the software most widely used, but there’s an increase in NVDA and Apple’s VoiceOver usage as well.
  • There’s an increase in use of a screen reader on a mobile device
  • Flash content and CAPTCHA are still problematic.


Technology Developments for People with Disabilities

Few interesting technology developments that would benefit people with disabilities:

I’m quite excited about these developments. These by no means are the only development in progress, I’m quite sure. But these show the kind of possibilities one could develop to help people with disabilities.

Speaking of controlled tool, this news about robot cat ears that are responding to brain waves came out several months ago. The robotic cat ears are cute, sure thing, but think about the possibilities of creating brain wave controlled tools for people who can’t even move any part of their body. That would be awesome.

On a related note, I’m looking forward to be able to send tweets just by the thoughts. Heh. :-D